How to buy ticket (1DAY Studio Pass) using Loppi.

Tickets to enter the park

To reserve ticket, go to Loppi (ticket selling machine) at Lawson.


Step 1

Please touch the circled button on [Loppi] screen, located in Lawson stores.
Lawson convenience store locater (Japanese only)

Step 2

Please enter the [L-code] the month you wish to visit.

1DAY Studio Pass enter after JAN 1st, 2022 L-code:50051
Twilight Pass enter after JAN 1st, 2022 L-code:50054
1.5DAY Studio Pass enter after JAN 1st, 2022 L-code:50052
2DAY Studio Pass enter after JAN 1st, 2022 L-code:50053
[L-code] of Universal Express Pass, please check the site. (Japanese site)

Step 3

Please select the date.

Step 4

Please push the circred button.

Step 5

Please push the circled button.

Step 6

(1) Enter the number of tickets by ticket type which you would like to purchase.
(2) Push the circled button.

Step 7

The application slip will be printed out from [Loppi].
Take the application slip to the register, ant pay with in 30 minutes.
*If the tickets are sold out, an error message will apper on the screen.