How to

1. Choose show/ event/ facility you want to purchase ticket from the top page of Lawson Ticket website.

2. Choose the date (period) you want to visit.

3. Select the ticket type/ seat type and number of the ticket

Select the ticket type/ seat type and number of the ticket correctly and push the "application" button.

4. Please be sure you need an email address and phone number to reserve ticket.

You need to enter your email address and phone number to reserve ticket. You will receive a confirmation email, so make sure not to enter wrong information.

5. Selection of ticket collection method/ payment method

Select the ticket collection method and payment method.
Set the password for log in to "my page".

6. Confirmation of the reservation contents

Please check the contents of the reservation.
Make sure to check the ticket price, registration fee and store issuing fee.

7. Ticket reservation complete

Please check the deadline of ticket collection date.
If you chose "Lawson stores" as payment method, you can pay the ticket fee and collect your ticket at Lawson stores (convenience store) in Japan.

8. Confirmation email will be sent

You will receive a confirmation email after the reservation is complete.
You can see details about how to pick up your ticket from the link written in the email.(boxed in red color)
You can get the QR code which you will use when picking up ticket, from the link boxed in orange color.

After the reservation at Lawson Ticket (, you can pick up tickets at Lawson stores (convenience store) using Loppi machine.
Here is the way to pick up tickets using Loppi machine.

1. You can pay and pick up your ticket at "LAWSON" (convenience store) which locate everywhere in Japan.
Be sure to pay the ticket fee within the deadline. If payment is delayed, the reservation will be invalidated.
*If you made reservation by credit card, you just need to collect your ticket within the deadline.
Find the nearest LAWSON from here.

2. Below, we will outline the process of ticketing.
First, find the "Loppi" machine in LAWSON store. It is a red machine showed in the picture above.

3. Show the QR code on your smartphone and hold it over the reader of Loppi machine.
The QR code is available from the confirmation email, or from the "My Page".

4. Next you will see the page which state the privacy policy.
Touch the yellow button (agree) in the right bottom.
You can read the English version from here.

5. This page asks you whether you have "Ponta card"(member's card) or not, so touch the blue button(No).

6. Enter your name. First, touch the red framed button to change to alphabetical letters.

7. When entering your name, leave a space between your family name and your given name. Space button is the one framed in red.
After you finish to enter, please touch the yellow button to go to the next page.

8. Check the details of your reservation one more time. If there is no problem, touch the yellow button.

9. Before ticketing, a warning will show up which state that changes and cancellation from this point are not available.
If there's no problem, touch the yellow button.

10. An invoice will be printed out from Loppi machine.
Please note that this invoice is not the ticket! You can not enter with this invoice.

11. Take the invoice to the counter within 30 minutes. The clerk will ask you to sign on the invoice.

12. If you chose "Over-the-counter payment", please pay the ticket fee and the clerk will hand you the ticket.
If you chose "Credit card", you just need to receive the ticket.
Ticket looks just like the picture above.
That's all for the ticketing!

1. Login to “My Page”

Enter your email address, phone number and password which you set at the reservation.

2. You can see the application history.

To see details, click the “Details” button.

3. In the detail page, you can check the price, fee and date of the performance etc.

You can use the QR code at picking up tickets.