About ticket reservation

We can not accept any change or cancel after the reservation.

There will be fee of using the system (\220/per ticket), and fee for ticketing at Lawson/ Ministop stores (\110 per ticket).

I'm sorry but you can not choose your seat.

Generally, the seat will be prepared by sequential seat number. Don't check the box of "separated seat OK".

We cannot announce you seat position in advance. Please check the ticket.

You can see your application history at "My Page". Please log in with your email address and phone number which you entered at the reservation.

You can see at "My Page" whether the reservation is complete. Log in to "My Page" and see the application history.

If you received the confirmation email, the reservation is complete.

Tickets will not be reissued for any reason.

We're sorry we can't ship the ticket.

Please log in to "My Page" and you can check the reservation number at the detail page.

You will not be able to log in to the "My Page" if you forgot your password. Please take note of your password.

About payment

You can choose either credit card payment or over-the-counter payment. If you chose over-the-counter payment, please go to Lawson or Ministop store and pay for the ticket.

Please be sure to pay the fee within the limit and pick up your ticket. Otherwise the ticket will be invalid automatically.

Please go to the "My Page" and enter another credit card information.

About picking up ticket

You can pick up your ticket at Lawson stores (convinience store) in Japan.

About picking up ticket using Loppi machine, please check "How to pick up tickets using Loppi machine" for details.

About cancel and refund

We do not accept any cancellation or refund of tickets after purchase.
*However, if you chose "At Lawson stores in Japan" as payment method and did not pay within in period, the reservation will be invalid.

In case the show/ event got canceled, refunds will be made in principle at Lawson stores in Japan.
Refund procedures are as followed.

1. If you have payed and picked up ticket at Lawson stores
Take your ticket to your nearest Lawson store. Use the ‘haraimodoshi’ (refund) function on in-store Loppi machines to secure your refund. Check the following Japanese site for details.

After the procedure on Loppi machine, you can have the refund at the counter in-store.
If you have not picked up your ticket yet, please pick up first.

2. If you have payed with the credit card in advance but have not picked up ticket yet
First, please pick up your ticket at nearest Lawson store and go through the process written above.

Notes about refund

1. We do not accept any other refund method.
2. To get refund, you have the ticket with you. If you have lost ticket, we cannot give any refund.
3. Ticket will be collected at the counter in Lawson store.
4. Partial refunds, such as one out of two tickets, are available. Various fees will be refunded per application if refundable.
5. Refund of the pair tickets or set tickets cannot be made if the number of tickets are not complete.
6. Refund will be made under the decision of the organizer when the show is canceled. Refund are not available for customer convenience.
7. Refund method may be different from above depending each show/ event. Please check the official website once.

Please contact via email(yoyaku-no-info@ent.lawson.co.jp )for further question about cancel and refund.