Shintaro Sakamoto LIVE2023 in HIBIYA

Shintaro Sakamoto LIVE2023 in HIBIYA

4/1(土)10:00~ チケットはこちら





2010年ゆらゆら帝国解散後、2011年に自身のレーベル、“zelone records”にてソロ活動をスタート。
4枚のソロ・アルバム、1枚のシングル、11枚の7inch vinylを発表。

今までにMayer Hawthorne、Devendra Banhartとのスプリットシングル、ブラジルのバンドO Ternoのアルバム「atras/alem」に1曲参加。
2021年、Allen Ginsberg Estate (NY)より公式リリースされた「Allen Ginsberg’s The Fall of America: A 50th Anniversary Musical Tribute」に参加。
2022年、6年ぶり4thアルバム「物語のように (Like A Fable)」を発表し、全国6ヶ所ツアー開催。



Shintaro Sakamoto is a Japanese music composer, producer, writer and singer based in Tokyo. He began his career in 1989 as a member of the psych/rock band Yura Yura Teikoku, where he played guitar and sang.

Yura Yura Teikoku released 10 albums over the course of 21 years, disbanding in 2010. The following year, Sakamoto launched a solo career and started his own record label, zelone records. He released his debut solo album How To Live With A Phantom, where Other Music Recording & Co. licensed the album for the US/EU/UK release in 2012. In 2014, Sakamoto released a split 7-inch single with Mayer Hawthorne for Record Store Day, and then released his 2nd solo album Let’s Dance Raw.
Once again, Other Music Recording & Co. licensed the album for the US/EU/UK release.
Sakamoto’s 3rd solo album Love If Possible was released in Japan, and digitally worldwide in 2017, and a split 7-inch single with Devendra Banhart was also released in Germany.

Shintaro Sakamoto gave his first solo live performance at the WEEK-END Festival in Cologne Germany. In 2018, Sakamoto went to tour in China, Netherlands (Le Guess Who?), London, and Mexico (Tropico Fes.).
In 2019, Sakamoto participated in a song on a new album ATRAS / ALEM by O Terno, a band based in São Paulo. In the same year, single “Boat" was released with a successful US headliner tour (SF, SR, Chicago and NY).

In 2020, 2 singles were released in succession, and in 2022, 6 years since his last album, Love If Possible, Shintaro Sakamoto has completed his fourth solo album, Like A Fable.