WEC 6 HOURS OF FUJI 9-10-11 October 2015




"The Fastest Title" contested at the foot of Mt. Fuji with its majestic figure

Motorsports in Japan has emerged in 1930s, it engraves more than 80-year history already. Fuji Speedway, located at the foot of Mt. Fuji, opened in 1966 at the dawn of motorsports in Japan. While Japan automobile industry has been growing rapidly, the motorsports has entertained a lot of spectators, and they enjoyed races in the circuits.

Since then, the world-class top drivers, such as Jim Clark, Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda raced in Fuji Speedway, then many fans rushed into the circuit. Late in 1980s, Fuji Speedway hosted Group C and Group A car races. As full of visitors filled the stands, they watched plenty of historic races.

Now we are proud of hosting the 2015 FIA World Endurance Championship Round 6 "6 hours of Fuji " at Fuji Speedway this year again. The race is held at one of the world's leading high-speed circuits with the 1.5km long straight racing track.

Toyota is aiming to win four consecutive titles for "6 hours of Fuji" at its home country race. As they are good at winning in Fuji Speedway, already achieved three straight titles. On the other hand, Porsche has presented its overwhelming speed in the Le Mans 24 hours race this season, Audi , the team with number of winning drivers in Japan races. The 6-hour endurance race will be exciting and showing a lot of spectacular scenes. Nobody tells which manufacturer will be the champion.

Let us enjoy the world's fastest endurance race in the Asian atmosphere which presents different look from the European races, along with the magnificent nature surrounding Mt.Fuji.


Tournament name

2015 FIA World Endurance Championship Round 6
"6 Hours of Fuji"


10/9 [Fri] Free Practice 1,
     Free Practice 2
10/10 [Sat] Free Practice 3,Qualifying
10/11 [Sun] Race

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Fuji International Speedway Co., Ltd.

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Automobile Club de l'Ouest (ACO) / Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA)

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